Advance B-Train Tanker V1.3R +New Companies E.g. ATS (1.42.x)

American Truck Simulator Advance B-Train Tanker V1.3R +New Companies E.G. mod download.

Fusion406 Petroleum B-Train by Advance Engineered Products Group
aka: Advanced B-Train Tanker Ownable

V.1.3r for ATS Version 1.42+
by kenworth_john 10/2021

IMPORTANT before mounting/exchanging mod:

Sell all Advance B-Train if you have some already.
End Advance B-Train or other cargo jobs if there are any.
Unmount existing Advance B-Train mod, if there is already one.

This mod changes content of game and updates navigation data!

V 1.3 r
– added new SCS ingame companies, sea-ports, mines, …
– fixed a mismatch of values for weights/volumes/masses,
which did not fit to the parameters intended by SCS.
V 1.2 r
– added missing wheel particles on all wheels (e. g. rain, dust)
– added missing trailer brace sound
– fixed some errors of the 3d model in general (Blender)

V 1.1r
– reverted weight to original values, some misplaced
files destroyed the planned results.

V 1.0r
– Adapted light system to new SCS standards
– planned to fine tune cargo weight (did go wrong)

Supported game versions: ATS – 1.42.x

Authors: Updating: kenworth_johnoriginal mod: Zetor165Maxterra Ventyres - Wheels Harven - Animations and AO Baking Trayscapes - Info and Research Bansheewoj - Original Trailer KeithD - Updating to 1.36 - 1.39 Ownable Beta Testers: Thomas Parham Jr; Tim Sanderson; Tracy Pennock; TexasWhirlwind; Kerwayne Smith; Willie Martin

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