Ai Traffic Definitions & Sounds ETS2 1.40

– Added new AI Vehicles.
– Corrected weight, Max. Speed & HP for all AI Vehicles in Traffic.
– Real powered Axles for all Vehicles. (4×4, FWD or RWD)
– Corrected speed limits in countries.
– New AI Vehicle Headlamps.
– New engine Sounds for some Vehicles.
– Real Licence plates for all Countrys.

[New] – Fixed: 1 rare game crash!
– Our own Cargo Beamer added to Train List.
– D.BAC Vehicle added to Traffic & Road Events.
– New Car trailer added to Traffic.
– New Road Events added.
– New Vehicles added to Traffic:
(Dodge Charger RT & SRT,
Oldsmobile 88 from 1951,
Ulja 452 Ambulance variant,
Ford Transit Camper variant + 30 different Company Paintjobs,
Tesla Model S Facelift,
Unmarked Police Cars added to some Country’s)

Street events:
– Road Constructions: reworked on country roads.
– Random street events are now more dynamic.

– Performance Update:
Part 1: Started improving SCS Vehicles for a better Game performance.
– Improved water particles/spray on wheels.
Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.40.x)

Authors: D.B Creation Dev Team

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