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Alldaylong Weather ATS 1.40

– Fixed dashboard panel brightness as much as possible.
– Used new feature “stability”, so one type of weather running all day long, and can be brake by rain or teleport. Weather type changed at night time only.
– Here 4 type of weather
1 – bluesky (taken from “CrearSky” weather mod. Activated by console command g_set_skybox 0
2 – overcast – activated by “g_set_skybox 1”
3 – overcast + fog. Activated “g_set_skybox 2”
4 – overcast + light rain. “g_set_skybox 3”

One rain without thinder.
Also, fixed AI traffic lights. Increased size of headlights, Increased range of “scale factor”, s tail light becomes “blurry” from far distance.
Can be used optional with or without weather mod.

Supported game versions: ATS – (1.40.x)

Authors: Piva

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