ATS – 48Ft Manac Flatbed Trailer V1.1 (1.31.X)

48′ Manac Flatbed Trailer
for ATS v1.31.2s

v1.1 Changelog
Updated to ATS v1.31.x standards.
Resolved Model geometry incorrect file version errors.
Resolved most obsolete attribute errors
Removed impossible loads from 42 Print location
Corrected typo on tarped load

Includes 5 cargo loads
Advanced coupling supported but the 389 has issue hooking to it.
Standalone, no dependencies
Will appear in quick jobs, freight market, and traffic.

IMPORTANT NOTE!  The trailer will NOT show up immediately.  You may have to “sleep” for two or three cycles before it will appear in the freight market.

Known Issues
There is a minor error in the log, but it does not affect trailer performance in any way.

Enjoy guys

Authors: Corby - The whole thing The SAF axle cap is also mine
Steve aka EVH5150 - 3D leds
Ventyres - Tires, nuts, part of the axle cap
Peterbilt5379 - 5 hole rim
SCS - Loads(from ET2)
Javad Sharifi - Generator
MadoYaghi - Converting to ATS.

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