ATS – Addon For Peterbilt 387 V1.3 (1.37.x)

Mini-mod with a temporary addition to the main mode for its operation on version 1.37.x Steam public beta.
Added support for glass animation. In this regard, the method of installing corner stickers on them has changed.
Now to install these stickers you need:
1. Go to the \\ vehicle \\ truck \\ peter387 \\ win_decal \\ samples \\ folder.
2. Select one of the textures (or draw your own), copy it to a folder below \\ vehicle \\ truck \\ peter387 \\ win_decal \\.
3. Delete the texture from the \\ vehicle \\ truck \\ peter387 \\ win_decal \\ folder.
4. Rename the texture \\ vehicle \\ truck \\ peter387 \\ win_decal \\ texture previously copied to the folder into

The sound is temporarily set from the default Kenworth T680.
Also in the archive there are separate mods with registration for compatibility with the released mods for the sound of various engine models from Robinicus [1.37-beta].

\”Cummins M11 ESP\”
\”Cummins N14\”
\”CAT 3406E SP\”
\”Detroit Diesel 60\”

Tested on game version: 1.37.x.beta

Files from the archive should be placed in the MOD folder, connected in a profile with a priority higher than the main mod for version 1.36 (it is NOT NECESSARY to disable it!).
Before connecting this update, ALWAYS remove the corner stickers from the door windows of all purchased trucks of this modification.
Supported game versions: ATS – (1.37.x)

Authors: il_86

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