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ATS – Atmx Map Addon V0.5 (1.34.x)


ATMX Map Updated for ATS to 0.5, Requieres Mega Resources (C2C) to work.
Added 8 Villages, fix several bugs and make a connector with Viva Mexico Map.
Its a Fictional Map Mod, you can test accessing via Eureka, or if you were in Mexico Maps, Via Ferry Los Mochis/La Paz.
Check the Videotutorial for installation: (Solo, With Mexico, Canadream and C2C)

Link1: Map Pack
Link2: Mega Resources

Supported game versions: ATS – (1.34.x)

Author(s): Tio Alta Tension (ATMX)
Hugoces/Eblem/RaulMtz (Team Mexico Mega Resources)

ATS – Atmx Map Addon V0.5 (1.34.x) Download File


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