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ATS – Authentic Roads Project V1.0 (1.36.x)

Authentic Roads is a little side-project that is looking to get the road simulations as realistic as possible. I have recently started that aims at fixing inaccuracies in the road designs in American Truck Simulator as I didn’t get the impression that they were of concern by SCS judging by the newest DLC. This mod aims at fixing road templates and correcting areas with road layouts, configurations, road line widths/lenghts and curvature that does not portray the locations realistically. I am looking into state-wide MUTCD standards to get the roads as accurate to real-life as possible. I figured since something similar had already happend with the signs, I thought it was time for the same to happen to the roads. You may wonder why this mod is under the map category? I am planning to patch up selected stretches of road that need special care, those are especially locations were a change of the road template is simply not enough to address the irregularities. I might do this in areas that are not prone to a eventual SCS-rebuild. ( I built Yosemite National Park just for it to be later rebuilt by SCS lmao )

What this mod changes:
Currently this mod changes road templates for the roads so you don\’t have to worry about any conflicting map mods. There are no sector modificiations planned as of yet.

What is done yet:
I have successfully so far created new templates for the following road types:



Supported game versions: ATS – (1.36.x)

Authors: stoked_dude

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