ATS – Big Project Mexico + Usa V2.0 (1.37.x)

Big Project Mexico + USA v2.0 ATS 1.37.х

Deleted files tearing roads.

And the archive has 7 files:
1. Mega Resources v2 1 8.scs
2. Reforma Sierra Nevada v2 2 20B.scs
3. Reforma Mexico Extremo v2 1 12B.scs
4. Viva Mexico v2 5 3B hugoces.scs
5. Mexxssimap1.6.scs
6. Mega_Resources_C2C_Patch_v3.scs – Special file for compatibility with C2C v2.8 and MR 2.1.8
7. ATS_LAMB_SAT_BG_MAP_BORDERS_BLACK_STD.scs – Color background card

The location of the files in the manager is shown in the screenshot.

Package tested without:
Coast to Coast Map – v2.11
CanaDream – v2.9.4

Supported game versions: ATS – (1.37.x)

Authors: SCS Software
Eblem Torres
Raul Martinez
MAGO - Dbmx
Jared Castillo
Jose Trucking
Franck Peru
Joasim Castillo
Color background card:
BenganJ, dOOmERdaZe, Arayas
Assembly and testing: losevo58

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