ATS – Bullbars for Scs Mack Anthem V1 (1.37.x)

– Inlcudes 4 different bullbar options (via the “Oversize Banner” node)
– 3x bullbars include slots for lights

I added entries in the “hookups” file for various lights from those mods including:
– Most of the Flat-line series (atleast the ones that didn’t look too odd)
– Various fog-lamps and markers from the FLB
– The LED bars from the Volvo Parts
*It is entirely up to YOU to determine what light fits best where as I cannot lock a specific type of light to a specific node.
– Example: The center nodes are perfectly aligned for the LED bars, but will look downright goofy with just about anything else! ­čść

NOTE: If you have a particular light (or light mod) you want to have added like say Boreman’s LEDS, simply follow these directions:
– Navigate to and open: def/vehicle/addon_hookups/boreman1.sii
– Add the following to each light you want added: suitable_for[]: \”f_banner\”
– Save and close

Supported game versions: ATS – (1.37.x)

Authors: yukonjack_ak

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