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ATS – Chris45 Trailers Pack V9.10 Fix (1.32.x)


This is a temporary definition fix for Chris45 Trailers pack in order to work in 1.32, until Chris45 will decide to fully update his great pack.
You need to place this fix above the main mod found here: Chris45 Trailers Pack
Attention!! this is and adaptation of the ETS2 pack, not a fix for the original ATS version. this fix is for the same base mod as my fix for ETS2
Not all cargoes have been updated! only the best heavy cargoes and all doubles in total about 50% (too much hassle as most of the files require to be updated individually)
There are in exchange one double locomax trailer and a diesel triple trailer imported from ATS version of Chris45 pack
there are also more trailers and cargoes in traffic
in order to eliminate all errors and warnings you need to remove the entire def folder from the main pack!

other remarks:
– there are no ownable trailers in this fix!
– the weight of the cargoes was only estimated, it may not be the same as the original
– many thanks to Chris45 for this great pack, I hope he will fully update this pack one day

Supported game versions: ATS – (1.32.x)

Author(s): Cipinho, Chris45

ATS – Chris45 Trailers Pack V9.10 Fix (1.32.x) Download File


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