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ATS – Engine And Transmission For Kenworth W900 V1.0 (1.31.X)

A powerful engine with a tramsmission that can reach up to 350 kmph

The engine have 10000 horsepower and 22500 lb-ft torque
Unlocks at 0 level
Price is 49$

The transmission have differential ratio of 1.50
5 forward gears and 2 reverse
You can go 100 kmph in 1st gear
Top speed over 350 kmph
I added 5ft gear for fuel economy, so you can cruise in it
Retarder steps: 6
Unlocks at 0 level
Price is 30$

You can use this setup to travel fast between cities, but you have to install no damage mod

Tested version: 1.30.x

Compatible with other mods.

Authors: la1nar

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