ATS – Fontaine Velocity V07.01.20 (1.36.x)

– Standalone;
– Ownable;
– Cable support;
– Its cargo.

Changes v07.01.20:
– Updated for version 1.36.

Supported game versions: ATS – (1.36.x)

Authors: Hardtruckisthebest (Ivan), Yankee Trucker (Aaron), petercar379 (Corey), Bayonet (Chris) - Original Trailer
Zetor165Maxterra - Changes to Trailer and Cargo\'s
Jazzycat - Cargo\'s
CyrusTheVirus - Traffic
Big T - Flash Beacon
KeithD - Update to 1.36
Beta Testers: Thomas Parham Jr; Tim Sanderson; Tracy Pennock; TexasWhirlwind; Kerwayne Smith; Willie Martin

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