ATS – Freightliner Coronado Original (1.36.x)

There are templates for channel 1 and 2 and a couple of coloring books for clarity.
Fog lights will burn if you paste them on the bumper and turn on the additional front lighting on F4.
For moviegoers there is a separate lounge. Turn on board. computer bookmark and go to the table to view. (Coffee, sorry, yourself. :))
Put your own way: it’s enough a movie in .ogv format, put it in the mod along the path: \\ material \\ custom and write it in the tv_tuner.sii script in the same place.

Included patch for version 1.36 (2st link)

Supported game versions: ATS – (1.36.x)

Authors: Stas556, dmitry68
Patch: BK Vissers

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