ATS – Habdorn\’s Cng 7Tubes Iso 48Ft Trailer (1.33.x)

Update to newest game version: ( Freight Market only )
edits done to SII.Files
added additional loads
Habdorn has abandoned all his work due to AssHoles, uploading everywhere and not using original links, and stealing, or leaking mods..
these updates are only to preserve his hard work and keep them in the community.

I will not take credit for the updating, I will leave current credits to their owners…..
and who so ever feels the need to take credit for these updates, TRUST ME, I will make sure Karma waits in the shadows for you….

CyrusTheVirus  you are forbiden from editing or claiming or re-releasing / uploading this mod with your CC license & links as this mod is protected/claimed by copyrights®™ by it\’s owner

City Machine & Welding Inc
Tube Trailer


This mod adds the following trailers

– CNG Tube Trailer 7 Tubes ISO 48FT


Standalone : Yes
Advance Coupling : Yes
Landing Gear Animation : Yes
Axles : 2
Collisions : Yes
Trailer Selection : Yes
Colors : Standard (RED)
Color Selection : No
Loads : CNG Natural Gas Compressed
Wheels : Chrome with Stemco Hubcaps

>>>> I can not find my trailer! <<<<
Option 1 : Go to the garage and go to sleep
Option 2 : Restart game
Option 3 : Make sure you have activated the mod

Supported game versions: ATS – (1.33.x)

Authors: Habdorn

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