ATS – Interior/Exterior Reworks Megapack V1.7.1 (1.32.x)

-This mod greatly improves interiors and exteriors textures and materials for all default trucks;
-Added missing glass in front of dash panels;
-Added HD external interior models;
-Added IFTA, CCI and various cabin and chassis emblems for all trucks;
-Added missing different animated automatic and manual gear shifters for all vanilla trucks;
-Added animated steering wheel columns for all vanilla trucks;
-Added animated throttle/brake pedals for all trucks*;
-Added possibility to select interiors with automatic or with manual gear shifters;
-Added animation for interior light switch\\beacon and 4way flasher for all vanilla trucks;
-Added ignition keys animation for for Peterbilt 579/Kenworth W900/T680 trucks;
-Added new gauges for exclusive interior of Kenworth T680;
-Added engine startup signature Paccar \”melody\” for all vanilla trucks;
-Added new high quality license plates for all 50 states with possibilty to create own license plate number;
-Added AeroCab badge for Kenworth W900;
-Added 1800 degree steering wheel rotation animation for all vanilla trucks;
-Added interior working interior lamps for for all vanilla trucks;
-Added possibility to enable/disable onboard GPS;
-Added new animations for integrated navigation displays\\-Добавлена новая анимация во встроенные экраны навигаторов;
-Added possibility to install Cobra 29LTD cb radio (available with different front panel themes and backlight colors) with animated cord;
-Tweaked interior cameras for increased view angles;
-Added proper dashboard backlight for all trucks;
-Added possibility to choose interiors with MPH or KMH speedometers;
-Added new windshield wipers modes;
-Added compatibility with SISL`s accessories megapack for all vanilla trucks;
-Improved lightmasks for all vanilla trucks;
-Other small improvements.

*pedals animation will NOT work if in controls settings transmission type was set as Simple Automatic!!!

Mod was tested on ver. 1.32.x. Not tested with previous versions!

All my mods are free to download and will be distributed this way in the future too. However, If you appreciate what i`m doing and want to support my work, you can transfer any amount of money, using PayPal link:

Changelog for ver.1.7.1 (21.11.18):
-Fixed many bugs from previous mod version;
-Improved chrome gauges frames and steering wheels on KW W900;
-Many improvements to the Volvo VNL truck:
added high quality external interior model for all cabins;
added new interior lighting options;
added Volvo D11, D13, D16 engine badges;
added possibility to use GPS from SISL accessories megapack;
added possibility to remove animated GPS (see readme about how to do it);
added possibility to change positions of interior sun protective visors (see readme about how to do it);
improved headlights, foglights, drl`s, blinkers, work lamps, reverse and brake lamps;
improved front bumpers, front grill, side intake grills, rear mudflaps and mudflaps hangers;
lowered ride height and shortened distance between front wheels;
fixed wrong position of external wipers model;
added missing lift axle indicator;
improved texture of the \”ovesize load\” banner;
other small fixes and improvements.

1. It is possible to make your own frontpanel theme for Cobra cb radio. You will need to edit this texture:
2. If you want to use SISL`s accessories mod with this mod, then only install main mod package and do not install SCS Trucks addon for ATS
3. If you plan to use this mod with my physics mod for ATS, then make sure this mod has higher priority, than physics mod;
4. By default steering wheel animation now set to 1800 degrees. To change it to default 900 degrees, simply open def\\vehicle\\truck\\truck_name\\interior\\animations.sui and animations_auto.sui and change s_wheel1800.pma to s_wheel.pma and then save changes;
5. Interior lamps can be installed by clicking on one of the upgrade \”circles\” located on the truck roof. Then it must be activated by hitting same button, which assigned to the beacon (O by default);
6. You can create your own license plate number by modyfying alpha-channel of \\vehicle\\truck\\upgrade\\plates\\ texture;
7. You can modify existing license plate US theme by modyfying \\vehicle\\truck\\upgrade\\plates\\ texture;
8. It is possible to disable GPS from VNL interior: open \\def\\vehicle\\truck\\volvo.vnl\\interior\\animations.sui file with any text editor (notepad++ and similar tools are recommended). Then at the top of the file (string 2 and 3) you`ll see two strings:

generic_anim: \”/vehicle/truck/volvo_vnl/interior/generic_anim.pma\” # GPS enabled
#generic_anim: \”/vehicle/truck/volvo_vnl/interior/generic_anim_nogps.pma\” # GPS disabled

Upper string is enabled by default, which adds animated GPS device inside VNL interior. Lower string is disabled by default (see this # symbol before it? It is used to disable animation after it).
So, to disable animated GPS, you should put # before the upper string and at the same time remove it from the lower string. Save changes and confirm file update inside archive. Now animated GPS will be removed from the interior.

9. It is possible to change positions of both side and front sun protective visors inside interior. At the same time it will be impossible to change position of steering wheel. It`s a technical limitation. Open \\def\\vehicle\\truck\\volvo.vnl\\interior\\animations.sui
At the top of the file you`ll find these strings:
wheel_updown_anim: \”/vehicle/truck/volvo_vnl/interior/wheel_updown_anim.pma\” # You control steering wheel position, front visor position adjustment unavailable!
wheel_frontback_anim: \”/vehicle/truck/volvo_vnl/interior/wheel_frontback_anim.pma\” # You control steering wheel position, side visor position adjustment unavailable!

#wheel_updown_anim: \”/vehicle/truck/volvo_vnl/interior/wheel_updown_anim_visor.pma\” # You control front visor position, steering wheel position adjustment unavailable!
#wheel_frontback_anim: \”/vehicle/truck/volvo_vnl/interior/wheel_frontback_anim_visor.pma\” #  You control side visor position, steering wheel position adjustment unavailable!

Upper two strings are enabled by default – they make possible to change position of the steering wheel. If you don`t need such function, but instead you want to manipulate with interior visors positions, you need to disable these two animations by putting # before them.
Then remove # symbols before lower two strings. That`s all. Save changes and confirm file update inside archive – you will now have possibility to control positions of side and front visors through the steering wheel position controls.

Supported game versions: ATS – (1.32.x)

Authors: AlexeyP, Slider_556, SCS Software

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