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ATS – Mack Superliner (1.35.x)

UPD 24.07.19
– Made the conversion of the track under 1.35.
– Three variants of the track.
– Fixed hitch (added collision model for 5th wheel)
– Removed tinted glass.
– Removed garbage from the archive, as well as all the accessories for the cabin, because they were broken or poorly made.
– Engines of inadequate power are removed.
– Small cosmetics.

Mack SuperLiner
– Autonomous
– Kenworth Dealer
– Interior
– Two cabins
– A lot of tuning
– Smoke
– Wheels
– Sounds
– – Make up
– Metallic
– DLC Cabin Accessories support
– Animation of mudguards,brake pedals,clutch and gas
– – Over the stove on a new technology
– Added template for skins
– New salon (Two options)

Supported game versions: ATS – (1.35.x)

Authors: RTA, ElEter

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