ATS – Marcopolo G7 1200 4X2 (1.37.x)

Cabins of the largest companies:
• Scania G7 1200;
• Mercedes Luxo G7 1200;
• Mercedes Antigo G7 1200;
• Volvo G7 1200 luxury with wooden floor.
• In this version the door does not open!
• Tachometer and on-board computer tidy.
• Passengers: Board, disembark or stay on the Bus, you choose.
• Several plates to choose from: Euro, Mercosur and Nacional.
• Shade options or not in the cabin: (for computers with higher graphics performance)
• 3 Options for Cabin Lights: Blue, White and Orange.
• 3 textures options for seats, luggage racks and curtains: Marajoara Verde, Master Orange and Master Azul.
• 3 Passenger Options, police on the stairs.
• Option to put reflection on the glass or not, (10 FPS gain): (for computers with higher performance)
• Mod with 6 skins for you to edit and 72 skins from the biggest companies in Brazil.
• Now when choosing your Skin, the glass is already with adhesive.
• Windshield wiper with 3 speeds.
• Lighthouse and Led\’s improved.
• Automatic or manual transmissions.
• Realistic road bus engine options. We are a family owned and operated business. Mod Works for all maps that are updated to the Mod Bus G7 1200 4×2 version.ATS (1.35.x) and (1.36.x) and (1.37 beta)
Supported game versions: ATS – (1.37.x)

Authors: Fabio Contier

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