ATS – Mercedes-Benz L/ls 1111 V1.0 (1.34.x)

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Mercedes-Benz L / LS 1111 is a classic 1963 truck.

Fully autonomous, and its model is of good quality. find in Volvo
The interior is also very unique.
This truck supports all major game features of version 1.34:
Working cables
Properly working wipers,
Different and customizable colors
Various customization modules, animations and so on.

– Fixed cables
– Fixed wiper length
– Modified tuning:
a) new engines (110-212 hp)
b) new transmissions (5 and 10 speeds)
c) Corrected chassis (realistic weight and tank size)
d) more colors
– Added missing icons
– Truck appears in freight companies
– The truck appears in the gallery of trucks
– Fixed speedometer animation
– Fixed sounds
– other minor fixes

Changes in the ATS version
– Added rear license plate for all chassis
– Added 2 more powerful engines and 2 transmissions
– Corrected engine sound (will be louder)
– Cables work fine as in ATS.
and some other minor corrections as a steering wheel in the front and a carrier also in the front and a little in the side, otherwise he had a belt sticking out of the cab there

Used technical documentation to add new modules to make the truck more realistic.

The authors of the original mod: team Rotas Brasil, Gabriel Borges, Henrique Miotto. Gustavo siebel
Author of update and fixes ETS2 by PikPikker
Author of adaptation and improvements for ATS vasja555

Supported game versions: ATS – (1.34.x)

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