Recommended ETS2 Mod

ETS2 – Waze Female Gps Voice [English] V1.1.0 (1.35.x)

Welcome to my first mod ever. This mod adds the Waze Jane voice to the GPS system in-game. All the sentences used by the default game...

Recommended ATS Mod

ATS – Momo’s Physics 6.1 Geometry Mod (1.29.X)

Momo’s Physics 6.1 Geometry Mod. ** IMPORTANT: You need a separate air suspension seat mod to work with this mod, choose an air seat of...

Do you play more haulin?

18 Wos Haulin – Ford F9000C

Ford F9000C truck mod for Haulin. Supported game versions: 18 WoS Haulin V1.0 and 18 WoS Haulin V1.06