Recommended ETS2 Mod

ETS2 – Volvo Vnl 2019 V2.22 (1.36.x)

Changelog v2.22: Updated dashboard computer with features introduced in patch 1.36 Added wiper shadow for interior view Separated headlights from the chassis Added realistic headlight pattern by hastantyo...

Recommended ATS Mod

ATS – Rodolinea Sugar Cane Trailers (U.S.A. Edition) (1.35.x)

Updated to 1.35.x game version. Adapted to work on U.S.A. Totally revised & reworked. All errors corrected. Cargos updated to latest DLC (New Mexico, Oregon, Washington). added cargo icons. Single...

Do you play more haulin?

18 Wos Haulin – KenWorth 900 Van Combo

KenWorth 900 Van Combo mod for Haulin. Supported game versions: 18 WoS Haulin V1.0 and 18 WoS Haulin V1.06