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ATS – Mod Kenpet Sounds (1.30.x)

ATTENTION! You have the right not to use these mods and the delete them your out PC. You can freely distribute these mods on your behalf. American Truck Simulator ver.1.30.x Mods ES-versions changes transmits...


ATS – Sound Fixes Pack 2018 V18.0 (1.29.X)

Sound Fixes Pack 2018 Mod. CHANGELOG 18.0 Rolling over to v18.0 for 2018. Testing new interior_sound_volume of 20% for external environment/traffic sounds heard from cabin (quieter). CHANGELOG 17.99 Reverted asphalt tire noise to default...


ATS – Sound Fixes Pack v 17.87 (1.29.X)

Sound Fixes Pack Mod. CHANGELOG 17.87 =============== Added horn sound for Tesla car. [ATS edition] Changes to default AI traffic truck/bus engine sounds. Removed some environment sounds. CHANGELOG 17.86 =============== Files up to date...


ATS – BigBob W900 Sound Fix (1.29.X)

BigBob W900 Sound Fix Mod. his fix uses ATS_engine_sound_megapack_2.7 to give sounds to engines that come with Kenworth_w900_Big_Bob_edition_2.0 This package contains a fix only. It does NOT contain the sounds. It is NOT the...