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ATS – Mercedes Ng 1632 Truck (1.32.x)

Mercedes 1632 NG Edit for ATS 1.32.x The truck is completely autonomous. You can buy it at Kenworth dealer. Specifications is taken from the original documentation Model is skinnable Have tuning Support SiSL megapack...


ATS – Mercedes Lps 1632 Truck (1.32.x)

Mercedes LPS 1632 v1.32.x (1972) Available in Kenworth dealers. The package includes the Mercedes LPS 1632 truck complete with: 1 cabin. 1 chassis 4×2. 2 engines. 2 transmissions. 1 interior. Sounds. updates for 1.32.x:...


ATS – Sisu M-Series (1.32.x)

Standalone Find in Volvo Two cab options Three chassis options Own interior Own sound Own Tuning Painted Cable accessories and animation To work, you need a mod DLC Cabin Accessories Test version 1.32, Works...