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ATS – Pazzmod Salton Sea Area, Yuma, Mexicali V1.2.02A (1.38.x)

Version 1.2.02A:
Compatible for Viva Mexico 2.5.8
Fixed bugs

Version 1.2.02:
Update for 1.38
Fixed bugs & invisible walls

Version 1.2.01:
+ Fixes of reported issues
+ Texture & vegetation rework around Calexico and border area

Version 1.2.00:
+ Updated for ATS 1.37
+ Added cities: Glamis (CA), Holtville (CA), Mexicali (MX-BCN), Cuidad Coahuila (MX-BCN), San Luis R.C: (MX-SON)
+ Road network around new cities
+ Refreshed assets and signs in southern map parts with Mega Resources assets
+ Refreshed textures, landscape & vegetation in southern map parts

Requirements for both versions:
– ATS 1.38
– All ATS Map DLC
– Mega Resources 2.1.13

Requirements for PaZzMod-MEX version:
– Viva Mexico 2.5.8

Backup your savegame before replacing older versions!

Load order for PaZzMod-MEX
1. Mega Resources
2. Sierra Nevada
3. PaZzMod
4. Mexico Extremo
5. Viva Mexico

Load order for PaZzMod-Standalone
1. Mega Resources
2. Sierra Nevada
3. PaZzMod
Supported game versions: ATS – (1.38.x)

Authors: PaZz_

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