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ATS – Peterbilt 352/362 Project (1.39.x)

Addon for Kriechbaum Engine Pack 3.3
Addon for Rockeropasiempre’s POWER ENGINES pack 12.9
Addon for Sci Steering pack
Compatibility with SISL’s mega pack
Added dump, flatbed, logging, and tanker chassis from 3xx Heavy Truck Addon mod (original is required for loads and trailers)
NEW Heavy haul chassis and Wrecker
Normal mapped textures
AO bakes everywhere

This update brought tons and tons of new changes and improvements such as new chassis, parts, skins, better materials and more

– Addressed the crashes with using certain bumpers and fenders
– Added icons for cabs and chassis types
– Added new skin: Difference
– Revised def files
– Completely redid “Custom Chrome Drop” and renamed it
– ADDED new bumper: Custom Big paint (same as renamed Custom Chrome Drop but with paint)
– NEW skinning map and textures for fuel tanks
– NEW skinning map for chassis
– Revised the skin for new mapped parts (replace the original)
– Fixed Big Flag interior addon clipping through roof and being too high in interior view
– Fixed CFL skin icon
– Rear exhaust legacy sleeper lights fixed/ new flares added
– ADDED new sidelight to match legacy if using sidelights on main cab
– Templates updated to include fuel tanks, chassis, and a legend text
– Updated and added additional dealer configuration

Supported game versions: ATS – (1.39.x)

Authors: Geoff G.

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