ATS – Peterbilt 387 Truck (1.36.x)

UPD: 19.02.20
Full fix list

+ The price for the light bar for Sleeper cab is fixed, additional slots above the visor are added to set the upper light.
+ In the registration, the agency’s orders contain internal lighting on versions of tracks for ordinary transportations (i.e., on non-equipped beacons).
+ Added file to improve compatibility with SiSL\’s Mega Pack mod.
+ minor edits on the materials.


+ Fixed errors displaying raindrops on the upper left window of the sleeping bag in Sleeper cab.
+ Edits on hood mirrors:
    + mirrors are divided into left and right (but remained in the same accessory), are installed in versions both together and separately.
    + Added a second version of the hood mirrors to control the angles of the front bumper.
Note: In Euro Truck Simulator 2, hood mirrors do not work correctly, therefore, to fix this bug, a separate addon with corrected FOV values ​​has been added. Keep in mind that during its installation conflicts with other mods using the game_data.sii file are possible (for example, with maps, so carefully study the mods used before installation!)
+ Added beige interior options to all cabins. Now, for each of the cabins, taking into account all possible trim combinations, 24 interior options are available – with two types of upholstery (gray / beige), three types of decorative panels (wood / plastic / wood + plastic) and four types of appliances (standard / standard + BK / second generation / chrome finish). Changing the colors of the interior on the external model is also implemented as far as possible. Beige color options are also added for the corresponding accessories – curtains, a table on the panel.
+ Changed the texture of the upholstery of the sleeping bag.
+ Added curtains fastened to the windows of the sleeping bag.
+ In the version with chrome trim added chrome salaries for the right block of keys on the dashboard.
+ Added designations for the wiper operating modes (on the left steering column control).
+ complemented by animations:
    + keys of marker lights;
    + alarm keys;
    + keys to turn on the internal light / flashing beacon;
    + right steering column control (trailer brake control valve, it is also a \”parachute\”);
    + retarder keys (a motor brake force selection button to the right of the motor brake key is assigned to it, a small artistic fiction for the sake of gameplay);
    + keys and differential lock indicator;
    + WPASS indicators;
    + warning / critical error indicators.
+ removed as further unnecessary accessory transponder for passage weight (WPASS).

Before installing the mod, do not forget to remove it from your tracks, if it was installed earlier.
+ edits on the scale of the tachograph (in the version for Euro Truck Simulator 2)

The same as in the previous version of the mod (with the exception of the fixes mentioned above).
Tested on game version: 1.36.x.s

Supported game versions: ATS – (1.36.x)

Authors: Ch_Vitalik is an external model.
Kirilloid22 - refinement of the external model, external tuning, sounds, textures, refinement of the bortovik.
Dmitry68 - engines, gearbox.
Gosha Motor - interior, alteration of textures of an external model, tuning, wheels, animation (completely new).
Solaris36 - US and Canada license plate models.
vitalik062 - a set of registration license plates of different countries of Europe.
il_86 - update the mod to the current version of the game, bug fixes, revision.

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