ATS – Peterbilt 387 V1.3.137B (1.38.x)

Update 12.07.20

Improvements and fixes to the previously published version of the mod.
Full list of fixes, as well as known bugs

multiple edits to the materials and textures of chrome parts to improve their appearance.
added a chrome version of the rear fenders.
for the Midroof and Sleeper cabs, a chrome tool box is added on the frame to the left behind the cab.
added plastic side skirts for the Midroof cab option, added a template for them.
minor texture and mapping fixes for Midroof and Sleeper cabins, updated template.
changes in the patterns of shadows.


added two models of 2DIN tape recorders (with CD-drive), one of them is also added in the version with GPS or in Apple CarPlay mode (in this case, the IPhone Navigator is also installed immediately).
minor texture fixes.

The same as in the previous version of the mod.

Tested on the game version: 1.37. x. s and 1.38 Steam Public Beta.
Supported game versions: ATS – (1.38.x)

Authors: Ch_Vitalik, Kirilloid22, Dmitry68, Гоша Мотор, Solaris36, vitalik062, il_86, n1cky1992, szeryff123, TruckerStas

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