ATS – Peterbilt 579 With 120 Custom Sleeper (1.36.x)

The mod adds this additional cab to the Peterbilt 579.
That’s it shock:
I always considered \”big bunks\” to be the holy grail of trucking, and the highest point one can reach as a truck driver. At least in the OTR department, and despite their inherent flaws. (weight, length…)
So it comes as a shock to me, as to why after all these years, there still aren\’t any adequate big-bunk mods available.

I won\’t claim mine to be “adequate” either, since right now it’s only a demo.
But two things give my mod the edge; 1) it’s available; 2) it works
of the mod is the interior, which is not done yet.

The white squares you see in there, will be switches & control panels.
other tasks will be;
– Make an optional curtain on the sleeper entrance.
– Option for closed or open blinds.
– Some kind of interior lights.
– Optional hidden exhaust pipe.

Supported game versions: ATS – (1.36.x)

Authors: overfloater

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