ATS – Peterbilt Modified V2.2.1 [29.08.18] 1.32.x

Modified Peterbilt ATS V2.2.1 ATS Beta TEST VERSION
! Deactivate the other regular version of the mod, and only use this in ats beta 1.32 !!!
! this is just a test version, it will be deleted after ats gets stable 1.32 release !!!

changelog 2.2.1:
fixed for ATS 1.32
fixed hella long range flare
fixed some error in log

changelog v2.2:
added new cab option
added new headlights
added new rear fender
added fender mounted blinkers back
added new visor
added cables support
updated mirrors
fixed some bugs
added some new bugs ;P

Authors: Viper2

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