ATS – Pnw Truck And Trailer Add-On Mod for Hfg Project 3Xx V2.5 (1.39.x)

Changelog v2.5
• Renamed the mod to better reflect what it is
• New OSW dump body chassis’s
• New OSW transfer dump trailer
• New OSW dump pup trailer
• Added compatibility to all 357, 367, and 379 chassis’s for the animated bumper swingplates from my parts pack that’s available to HFG Patrons.
• New standalone dump cargoes that do not interfere with default cargoes or mods that use them
• Many def improvements and streamlinings
• A few texture fixes
• Some 1.39 compatibility fixes

Changelog v2.4
• Fixed crashing caused by 1.38 changes.
• Added “tag” style flatbed trailer.
• Changed headboard on flatbed chassis’s.
• Added electrical cable to stacked log pup.
• Tweaked logger mudflaps.
• More stuff I’ve probably forgotten.

• 6×4 and 8×4 Flatbed chassis
• 6×4 and 8×4 Tanker chassis
• 6×4 and 8×4 Short Logger Chassis
• 10×4 Dump Chassis
• 6×4 Sliding tarp Chassis for 330
• 6×4 Propane chassis for 330

• 2 and 4 axle flatbed pup trailers
• 3 Axle flatbed tag trailer
• 2 and 4 axle tanker pup trailers
• 2 axle short log pup trailer
• 2 axle sliding tarp pup trailer
• 2 axle propane pup trailer
• 4 axle dump pup trailer
• Custom “Double pup” tanker trailer configuration for Nevada

• Various custom parts for the trucks and trailers
• Custom short log load

This is an add-on to the HFG Project3XX, you must use Project3XX version 2.0 or later. Run this mod with a higher priority.

Supported game versions: ATS – (1.39.x)

Authors: Deezle
guidot (Half Fast Gaming)
Overfloater: Battery box
Wolfi: Log headache rack
Harven, Zetor: Logs, log bunks, reflective stripes

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