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ATS – Project North West V0.1.3 Boise & Nampa (1.35.x)

Changes v0.1.3
See screenshot

Pacific North West region. I wish to extend the PNW Region by adding Idaho and then Montana first. (I know SCS will likely make these states in the future, but that is not for another year or two yet; I will try to integrate my works into SCS when and if they come to this area). After this I would like to map the Dakotas or Wyoming, which is unlikely to be created by SCS any time soon. Although this is for the far future.

– ATS 1.35
– Public Beta 1.35 Enabled (Or Full Release when it comes out) 1.34 will not work with the mod!
– All Map DLCs (Arizona, New Mexico & Oregon)
– The map was built in DX11 so it is optimized under that NOT DX9. I recommend using DX11 with this mod.

Download Instruction:
– Drag & Drop PNW.scs file into C/documents/americantrucksimulator/mods/ If no mods folder is present, create one… ensure spelling is \”mods\”

Supported game versions: ATS – (1.35.x)

Authors: DuckieBae

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