ATS – Scs Volvo Vnl 780 Custom Parts And Upgrades V0.1 (1.33.x)

– Custom cabin (780) with HQ exterior sleeper and new dots/slots for upgrades.
– Custom lowered chassis (6×4) with lowered wheels position as on real truck.
– A lot of new custom parts/upgrades (look for Volvo icon in truck configiration screen).

Note: If you want to have all custom parts/upgrades available and showed up correctly, you must use ONLY custom cab and chassis, otherwise some upgrades may show up incorrectly.

Known bugs: When you select custom chassis in truck configuration screen, then ui shadow will be bugged – this is because of moved wheels position. In game its ok. It will not be fixed in truck configuration screen.

Supported game versions: ATS – (1.33.x)

Authors: Some of the parts, AO, definitions - axelrol, SCS.
Bullbar - classic.
Ipad - Scania1988 & Lightning.

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