ATS – Scs Volvo Vnl 780 Custom Parts And Upgrades V0.1.5 (1.35.x)

-Custom cabin (780) with HQ exterior sleeper and new dots/slots for upgrades.
-Custom lowered chassis (6×4) with lowered wheels position as on real truck.
-A lot of new custom parts/upgrades (look for Volvo icon in truck configuration screen).

v0.1.5 (14.06.2019):
-Support for 1.35 version (previous version will not be supported anymore).
-Support for Forest Machinery DLC (Headache Racks).
-More custom upgrades and details.
-Minor bugfixes.

-Volvo Dynafleet System added as upgrade in interior
-IFTA 19 Logo added as upgrade (BIG thanks for reference photo to -=NC=- Prophet [CgC])

-Added two new variants of heavy bumper (without lights, stock and chrome).
-All new bumpers now have more slots for lights (addon_hookups).
-Added chrome Volvo logo on sunshield as upgrade.
-Added support for default paintjobs.
-Licence plate light on custom rear bumper now working as it should (with reflection).

-Fixed bug with missing engine sound.

-Fixed aerokit missing bug.

Supported game versions: ATS – (1.35.x)

Authors: axelrol, classic, SCS

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