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ATS – Skoda Superb – Robi Edition (1.39.x)

Changes, fixes and improvements
– Improved car handling, engines and transmission.
– Realistic torque curves and transmission ratios.
– Added a working automatic gearbox: 6-speed DSG, improved shifting behaviour.
– Added B6 Superb engines: the car model is B6, but includes B8 engines as well.
– Realistic car weight and price adjustments, fixed car in no dealer problem.
– Caravan trailer since version 1.32 and ownable caravan trailer since version 1.33.
– Police, other accessory lights, LEDs and sirens work (press/hold airhorn key).
– Working openable windows since version 1.38.
– Removed truck sounds (air release etc.) from car since 1.39.
– Other smaller improvements.

Known issues:
– Physics are wobbly again at speeds over ~100 km/h. [Fix ETA: hopefully soon]
– Wipers don’t wipe in UK interiors. [Fix ETA: not anytime soon]
– Raindrops remain on windows when they are open. [Fix ETA: in the next few updates]

Supported game versions: ATS – (1.39.x)

Authors: MinecrafterDE15 and Robi

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