ATS – Stacked Scs Lowboy Trailers V1.0 (1.39.x)

FINISH YOUR JOB before enabling this mod; your truck will be reset to home garage.
SELL STACKED TRAILERS before disabling this mod, or your profile will try to find them in vain.

The GOOD NEWS is these stacked trailers integrate seamlessly with SCS’ Ownable Lowboys:
– Purchase stacked tailers from among the SCS Wooden Lowboys
– Stacked trailers accept all SCS base-game cargo, as well as Forest Machinery and Heavy Cargo IF you own them.
– Additional cargoes for SCS’ Lowboys are included, and many existing cargoes are branded (e.g., CAT, Doosan, Hitachi).
– Purchase ONE specific trailer configuration (either ground-Coupled [SCS] or Stacked [EYT]). After ‘using’ it from Trailer Manager, Adjust Trailer (F7) to switch between Coupled and Stacked configurations. When you own one configuration, you automatically own its companion.
– Coupled trailers automatically have flags, strobes and a banner.
– All trailer bumpers have working reverse lights: coupled and stacked.

– Best times to adjust are . . .
1) Before dismissing, adjust to Stacked for damage-free spawning when you use it again.
2) Before triggering the job-choice icon at the cargo’s origin, adjust to Coupled. (After you trigger that icon, you can no longer adjust a trailer’s configuration. Cargo will load, but it will sure look funny!)

Now the bad news:
– only the paint color will survive adjusting (F7); other customizations don’t stick ūüôĀ
– SCS has begun implementing their new lighting system, and the 3D modeler I use (ZModeler) isn’t compatible. So all the flashy reflective tape on SCS’ trailers doesn’t exist on the stacked configurations.

known issues:
_ missing tiedowns


Supported game versions: ATS – (1.39.x)

Authors: Eddie Yantz

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