ATS – Trailer Pack V1.0 (1.31.X)

Trailer Pack for ATS
– Trailers are from various modders (they are credited in the manifest.sii probably missed somes, sorry)
– All ine one package (so you don’t need to have 50 trailers mod in your mod manager)
– In traffic
– Includes new white wheels from @Donovan
– Managed to get all trailers working in same time (a lot of files in common. Flares, automat)

Authors: SCS, furkan61, Fred_Be, B4RT, Micha-BF3, GhostLord, Solaris36, Jazzycat, Hadborn, Trayscape, Chief86, Dro Modding, Corby, Dejon Wade, Igor Shvagerus, Zetor165Maxterra, Schiffsdiesel, Adam Lorkowski, Mahad110

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