ATS – Viva Mexico V2.5.3 (1.37.x)

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Changes v2.5.3
Update for 1.37

– Tecuala
– San Blas
– Tepic
– Compostela
– Ixtlan del Rio
– Nvo. Vallarta

American Truck Simulator 1.35.x
Requiere el DLC New Mexico y Oregon

1.- MEGA Resources 2.1.8
2.- Mexssimap 1.5
2.- México Extremo 2.1.12
3.- Viva México Map 2.5.3
Supported game versions: ATS – (1.37.x)

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1 Comment

  1. I have been trying to activate these mods and it keeps crashing.

    Load order:
    1. Mega Resources v2.1.8
    2. Mexssimap v1.6.1
    3. Reforma Mexico Extremo v2.1.12
    4. Viva Mexico 2.5.3

    I am also using
    Candadream v210 and
    Coast to Coast v.2.11.2

    Any idea why it crashes on me?


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