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ATS – Volvo F10 & Ownable Scs Lowboy (1.38.x)

Old school Volvo F10-12 re-worked.
Version 1.37.x -1.38.x

New Changes:
-Animated windows open
-Convert Sound to FMOD

ATS 1.37 & 1.38 update
-Adapted for newest ATS 1.38. patch
-Includes Toys and Flags addon(don’t need to add them separately).
-Added ATS Steam hanging toys
-Added additional DD60 and N14(lope) engines
-Reworked trailer cables for ATS style.
-Fixed deck plate
-Fixed glass locators (far glass have rain now)

Supported game versions: ATS – (1.38.x)

Authors: Stas555, mjtemdark Chris, Ventyres; Robinicus(additional engine sound); ATS adaption and update by vasja555

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