ETS2 – New Color Tidy For Scania Streamline (1.34.x)

Mod for a new color tidy for Scania Stremline Nice colour Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.34.x)

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ETS2 – Mclaren Fomula One Skin (1.34.x)

Trailer skin works on SCS ownable trailers including doubles and b-doubles. Truck skins works on xbs\’ Daf F.241 C and D cab only. Also, i just realised the skin in the game is slightly different…

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ETS2 – Signs On Your Truck V1.1.00.90 (1.33+)

Changelog v1.1.00.80 —> v1.1.00.90: Added the \”SONDER TRANSPORT\” sign in three variants Added sign \”GROSSRAUM TRANSPORT\” Enough was done at localization mod Only for standard trusks in game. Important: Not for trucks Ohaha, RJL, MDModder,…

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ETS2 – Turkish Super Lig Teams Trailer Paintjobs Pack (1.34.x)

This mod adds Paint Jobs of Turkish Super Lig football teams. Features * Paint jobs can only applied to owned trailers. Currently Available Trailer Paint Jobs: – Fenerbahçe Paint Job – Galatasaray Paint Job –…

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ETS2 – Oversize Trailers Owned [Work In Tmp] (1.34.x)

Purchased low loader trailers Available on the servers TMP]. Includes trailers (and loads) that are available in-game without add-ons. How to use: 1. Download the mod in single player; 2. To buy a trailer from…

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ETS2 – Profile Poland Rebuilding V2.3.2 (1.34.x)

PROFILE POLAND REBUILDING BY DJDARKLIGHTER 2.3.2 1.34 3.567.000.000 EUROS Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.34.x)

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