Brazilian Companies And Trailers Mod V6.1 ETS2 1.41

The Mod modifies game companies for Brazilian or multinational companies in Brazil, without the DLC Ibéria.

Tested in version 1.41.x
Tested on several maps:

Original and DLCs.
Promods 2.56
EAA (Except standalone companies)
RBR Map (Except standalone companies)
North Brazil (Except standalone companies)
Eldorado Free (Except standalone companies)
RC Map (Traffic and European part only)
Note: Keep in high priority.
The Archive goes with two Mods, one with a skinpack and the other without, for those who already have the Steam skinpack (No need to remove it).
Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.41.x)

Authors: Maryva, Tamiel, Satan1999

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