Cabin’S Refrigerator Stickers V1.0 ATS (1.45)

American Truck Simulator Cabin’s Refrigerator Stickers v1.0 mod download.

Stickers! More Stickers, and a Poster! You can never have enough. Or perhaps their Magnets? Or mini posters!
Here is the start of random stickers. Mcdonald’s was my learning one, so it is here to stay for a while. The $100,000 bill is to get rid of money if you have too much, perhaps a $1,000,000 is next.
The VNL in the photo is great for the big stickers, give me an idea for more poster magnets!
I will be adding more, but if you have some ideas, just put them in a comment. I wonder how many stickers can get in this mod!

Added Convoy Sticker and Poster, Superman
Added bunny Starbucks target LP record
Added dogs and Harley

Compatible with 1.45

Supported game versions: ATS – 1.45

Authors: stchamber11

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