ETS2 – Australian Lusty Ems (1.37.x)

– Standalone – Qualitative model – Four hitch options: 1 to 3 – no skins – Cable animation – Its wheels and mud flaps – Your goods Test on version 1.37.x Supported game versions: ETS2…

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ETS2 – Pack Double Trailers for The Map Russian Open Spaces V7.0 (1.37.x)

Pack double trailers for the card “Russian open spaces” The following models are used in fashion: – Non-tarpaulin semi-trailer and nefaz tank semi-trailer with permission of the author. Author: “Koral”. – Short timber trailer. Authors:…

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ETS2 – Australian Lusty Ems Trailers (1.37.x)

Trailer Owned For v1.37 Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.37.x)

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ETS2 – Scs Rigid Trailers V1.6 (1.37.x)

Compactibile with 1.37v (ETS2) Schwarzmuller Curtain dolly Schwarzmuller Reefer dolly Schwarzmuller Slidepost dolly SCS Box 1ax dolly for 1ax trailer SCS Flatbed 1ax dolly for 1ax trailer SCS Log 1ax dolly for 1ax trailer SCS…

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ETS2 – Razer Ownable Trailer V1.0 (1.37.x)

Razer Ownable Trailer mod. Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.37.x)

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ETS2 – Jumbo Pacton Trailer V1.0 (1.37.x)

– All offline; – 1 chassis; – All lighting equipment works; – Advanced coupling; – Cable support; – Registered cargo; – Test on version 1.36. x. – The skin DKJ Transport was deleted Supported game…

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