ETS2 – Double Trailer V2.0 (1.30.x)

Double Trailer pack mod for ETS2. v2 update Dolly length reworked by AlexeyP So now trailer can turn on angle more that 90 degree I was sure, if I change attribute “length” of trailer_def, this…

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ETS2 – Sinnlos Special Double Trailer by Deniboii (1.30.x)

Sinnlos Special Double Trailer for ETS2. SINNLOS Sprinter Begleitfahrzeug SINNLOS Schwarzmüller Reefer SINNLOS Schwarzmüller Curtain

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ETS2 – Real Companies Trailers 2 All Versions 1.30.x

Real Companies Trailers 2 All Versions download for ETS2. Pack of trailers of real companies, second part, also work in traffic Don’t re upload, thanks

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ETS2 – Trailer Krone Profiliner V1.0 1.30.x

Trailer Krone Profiliner mod for ETS2. Features: – Standalone trailer. – High quality AO. – Support for skins (paintjobs), template included. – 9 HQ skins are included + the skin pack with 40 skins is…

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ETS2 – Hungarian Trailers Pack V1.04 (1.30.x)

Hungarian Trailers Pack for ETS2. New Features (Hungarian Trailer Pack v1.04): – Nyírségtrans – Árpád Érembolt – Chio – Heavy Tools – Init2000 – Kopitrans – MALÉV – WizzAir (1) – WizzAir (2) – Full…

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ETS2 – Skins and Trailers Christmas Theme (1.30.x)

Skins and Trailers Christmas Theme mod for ETS2. Content: 1. Skin for Mercedes Benz New Actros Natal 2. Skin for RJL Scania Natal 3. Skin for Scania T Natal 4. Trailer MDM Chereau Natal V3…

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