Classic Cummins Pack V1.0 ATS 1.40

There is 3 different versions of the 555, a 275hp, a 320hp and a fantasy level whopping 640hp. This is a v8 with a peak torque around 2200 rpm and a limit at 3000. There isn’t much power below 1500 so hammer down on this one, just try not to smash the crank in the process.

This works on ALL SCS trucks, because not everyone has/likes modded trucks, but most people really dislike SCS engines. Also works on the following trucks:

Autocar AT by XBS
Autocar DC by XBS
Freightliner FLB by Harven
Freightliner FLC by XBS
Freightliner XL By John Ruda
Kenworth K100-E by Overfloater
Kenworth W900 by John Ruda
Kenworth W900A by 4k
Kenworth w900B by GTM
Kenworth W990 by Harven
Mack F700 by KSW
Mack RS600 by Harven
Peterbilt 359 by RTA
Peterbilt 389 by John Ruda
Peterbilt 389 by Viper
Project 3xx by HFG (Guidot)
Peterbilt 567 by GTM
Scot A2HD by Smarty
Supported game versions: ATS – (1.40.x)

Authors: Serialblack

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