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Coast To Coast Map V2.11.13 ATS 1.40

Changes v2.11.13
Updated v2.11.3 to fix a few minor issues and to add Syracuse and Ithaca NY.

Changelog v2.11.12
Update for 1.40 release
Some fixes

Changelog v2.11.12
Update for 1.40 beta

C2C v2.11.13 for ATS v1.40

DLC New Mexico & Oregon, WA, Utah, Idaho, colorado required
Download .scs file then activate it in the Mod Manager

Supported game versions: ATS – (1.40.x)

Authors: Author MantridMantrid – Lousiana completely rebuiltShirBlackspots – Texas improvementsWays71 – Various scenery improvements along I-95

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