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Custom Parts for Viper2S Peterbilt 389 ATS 1.39

This mod basically adds:
– 1 Custom Rear Bumper that has more slots than the default Custom Rear Plate. Basically, it’s just like Custom Rear Plate with 5 additional slots on each left and right side.
– 3 Combo Rear Lights (Combo Right, Combo Left, and Combo Reverse) that can be fitted into this bumper.

This mod is potato-pc friendly. Even tho the LED of the parking and brake lights look so many, only one of them actually emits lights! The rest is just a flare. But, if you want to make all of them glow, you can go to unit\hookup\ folder and mess around with “jp_brake.sii” and “jp_park.sii”. Also, in order to use this mod, you need to use Viper2’s Peterbilt 389 too. Because my rear right bumper and the chrome parts of my rear lights share the same material with his truck.

Supported game versions: ATS – (1.39.x)

Authors: Joko_P

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