Detroit Diesel 20V149 V1.0 ATS 1.40

SHOULD work on all stock trucks + some modded ones (like autocar dc)

THE King of Detroit Diesel, THE 20V149
Designed mainly for haul trucks and for generating power for hospitals.

20 cylinder 48L behemoth producing 2936HP(2189Kw) – 4595lb-ft(6230Nm) @ 1800RPM, There is nothing it cannot pull.

– 3 Engine blocks : 2x V6, 1x Special V8
– 3 Crankshafts
– 6 Turbos
– 3 Blowers

2 Variants
20V149 COM – Commercial version that strips this engine down to 710hp and 3400nm
20V149 TRU – True King version that runs full force 2936hp and 6230nm

Confirmed working on 1.40 Open Beta, 1.39 should work too.

Supported game versions: ATS – (1.40.x)

Authors: Mitschud

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