Dobrudja Map V1.2 ETS2 (1.45)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Dobrudja Map v1.2 mod download.

Welcome to Dobrudja! I’m glad to finally show you a map that i’ve been working on for the past year. It’s my first map and it’s called Dobrudja Map. This map expands Bulgaria and adds the Southern Dobrudja region to ETS2.

New offroad road added in Dobrich Province! It leads to a agricultural company called Dobra Ferma
New Company in city of Dobrich. Lisette Logistics!
New road signs
New details
Fixed the bug where cars in Aksakovo would disappear once entering the town.
Promods is now needed to use the map. Use v1.1 if you wish to not use Promods

The map requires all map dlcs for 1.45. It is fully compatable with Promods, Promods ME and BG+. I would also add that different maps which don’t change anything in the region are also fully compatible.
RoExtended is fully compatable but you need to place Dobrudja map ABOVE Roextended for it to work
[v1.2+] -Promods is now needed to use the map. Use v1.1 if you wish to not use Promods although you will be stuck with a old version of the map

Don’t start your profile in the city of Dobrich or Silistra as it will crash your game! Choose Varna or Ruse if you wanna be close to the new map area.
Report any bugs you see, i will fix them as fast as i can!

Supported game versions: ETS2 – 1.45

Authors: BulStudios

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