Dunder Mifflin Cargo & Trailer Pack V2.2 ATS (1.42.x)

American Truck Simulator Dunder Mifflin Cargo & Trailer Pack V2.2 mod download.

Version 2.2:
* AI trailer lengths have been adjusted to 45ft and transformed into Dry Van. In addition, 3 of them could also be seen as reefers.
* New skins added: Sabre (for Box only) and Vance Refrigeration (for Sliding Tarp)
* Removed: 2 Vance Refrigeration skins (they were simply ugly)
* Flie size optimisation:

Front body paintings have been replaced with simple colours.
All box trailer rears have been limited to a single image for each skin.
Some useless .sii and .sui files have been removed.
File compression at highest settings.

These products include:
* 3 Hole Paper
* Notepad
* Printing Paper
* Rainbow Card Stock
* Recycled Paper
* Sticker Ream
* Sticky Squares
* Sticky Pads
* White Card Stock

On the other hand, in order to give a diverse aspect to this pack, some notable objects from the series has also been added. These include:
* Candle – Serenity by Jan
* Dundie Award
* Green Teapot
* Dwight Bobblehead
* Michael Scott Paper Company Paper
* World’s Best Boss Mug
* Refrigerator by Vance Refrigeration
* Beets by Schrute Farms
* Pretzel
* Pyramid (Sabre)
* Printer (Sabre)
* Mini Fridge (Vance Refrigeration)

Supported game versions: ATS – 1.42.x

Authors: OMNI

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