Emden Promods Addon V7.0 ETS2 (1.45)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Emden ProMods Addon V7.0 mod download.

Adds the coastal city of Emden to Germany, near Groningen

2022-10-17 Update
-Added localization support for all available languages
-Merged with SCS Werlte
-Updated PR assets to their newer counterparts

What’s new?
-Iberia is now required
-The road network of Emden and the surrounding area has been rebuilt to match current graphical standards.
-The Bremen rework done by ProMods has been merged completely with Emden – thanks to MG Mike for pointing this out and MandelSoft for telling me exactly where these were located.
-Some more of Emden has been opened up and now includes two more companies; OBI and Lidl – The prefab used for Lidl is known to be problematic as it is old, when/if ProMods fix the issue with the poland rebuilding prefabs then it should work again as normal.
-The opening of scenic areas in Emden will allow for future expansion to the small holiday island of Borkum, this will come at a later date.

Supported Game Versions: 1.45

Supported game versions: ETS2 – 1.45

Authors: BlazingCreeperx

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