ETS2 – 4K Scania S V8 Black Red Mod V1.2 1.31.x

This interior mod changes the interior of the standard Scania S V8 completely and adds more sharpness on details to achieve good looking 4K resolution experience as well as a whole new redesigned dashboard with new more neutral lightcolors.

> Key Mod Features:
Lossless rendered 16bit textures (for 100% Adobe RGB ingame color space reproduction) which get exported into 32bit DDS.
Readjusted textures scaling, sharpness and contrast for more environmental depth ingame.

> General mod information to keep in mind and take care of!:
Do frequent backups of your save file to be prepared for issues and bugs!
Disable/remove any other interior/cabin mods that are related to the Scania S V8!
This mod was built and tested on the standard game version 1.31.X
This mod works only with singleplayer mode!
This mod was designed for 4K resolution.
Release build: Ver. 1.2

> Release build: Ver. 1.2
-Changed, repaired and added new textures!
⁧- Increased scaling for upscaled 4K textures.
⁧- Increased scaling for bump map textures.
⁧- Readjusted texture colors.

Authors: TheJoayZ

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